Waste (Single)

by No Broadcast



No Broadcast, a three-piece rock band, move post-rock and alternative rock into a dynamic powerhouse of sound, reminiscent of fellow New Zealand bands HDU, Keretta and Jakob. Their music is surpassed only by the live experience.

Established in the South Island of New Zealand in 2007, No Broadcast have prided themselves on their ability to instinctively move their music where it wants to go. Audiences have witnessed this as they have gigged extensively over the past 8 years, playing various festivals and shows around the country with a variety of other local and national artists. They have played alongside rockers Beastwars, post-punk heavyweights Die!Die!Die! and supported Mountaineater (former HDU members) and internationally renounced six-piece An Emerald City.

The band released their first EP, Null and Void, in the spring of 2011. The release was well received in the press and garnered glowing reviews and airplay on national radio. The E.P was recorded in a garage turned recording space before being sent to be mixed and mastered by Dunedin’s prestigious Dale Cotton. The CD sleeves for the E.P were all handmade and printed by the band themselves giving the package a handcrafted appeal.

In 2012 the band began work on a body of work which would become their first full-length album under the name No Broadcast, a name taken from the title of a track off the Null and Void EP. In 2013 the band kept behind the scenes but the name did make it overseas as frontman Josh Braden spent time in the UK playing a handful of shows in London and Bristol. A B-sides collection appeared online during this time under the title 1736.

As 2014 appeared, so did the release of the anticipated self-titled album, self-produced with an excellent showcase of songs coming together that critics couldn't help be impressed by. Two New Zealand tours saw the album reach even the smallest parts of the country.

After the extensive touring, the band set out to record their second studio album, The Blueprint, released Dec 2015. More touring saw No Broadcast reach Melbourne, Australia playing several shows around the city. Now they have again somewhat settled down to record their third studio album and will plan a subsequent tour in support.

Vocals, Guitar / Josh Braden
Drums / Thomas Isbister
Bass / Kieran Colina